Kintsugi Master

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Kintsugi Master Azdimension tərəfindən yaradılan hiper – kasual bir mobil oyundur. Adı, bərpası zamanı qırılmış əşyaların qızılla bərpa edildiyi Yapon restavrasiya sənətinin eyniadlı formasına aiddir. Oyun iki hissədən ibarətdir – birincisində oyunçu tapmacanı həll edərək əşyanı bərpa edir və sonra qızıl “yol” yaratmaq üçün fırça ilə sürüşdürür.

Medicine VR Project

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It is an experimental medical project designed for use with VR technology. At this stage, the player is on a virtual tour in the human intestinal system, where he must destroy all pathogenic microbes, while maintaining useful ones. The project successfully combines both entertainment and educational functions and is being developed on the Unreal Engine […]

Smoking Shells – Prototype

Posted Posted in Games Smoking Shells is a twin stick (top down) shooter game in which a player controls a squad of mercenaries and performs various military missions. In the game, we control a soldier who is part of a small squad. The squad follows the player; the player can switch with members of the squad. Each member of […]

Spark AR Project

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AzDimension is a company that keeps track of all novelties in interactive entertainment. Therefore, the study of AR technologies has become more relevant for us than ever. With the AR Spark, we were able to master the technique of applying a “mask” on faces. This principle is used as filters of various platforms – Instagram, […]

TV Studio

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TV studio from AzDimension is our vision of how a modern TV studio should look like. With the help of the latest technologies, you can control the camera angle, the weather outside the “window”.  Also you can add additional elements and effects.

Evade the Light

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Genre: First Person Shooter Game engine: Unreal Engine 4 Platforms: PC Evade The Light is a dark sci-fi FPS, where the main character must find answers to the mysteries of his past in a mysterious anomalous zone, simultaneously fighting the monsters that live there. STORY Azerbaijan, near future. A paranormal incident have occurred in one […]

Rainy Neon: Baku

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Genre: First Person Shooter Game engine: Unreal Engine 4 Platforms: PC Multiplayer: Online, LAN Rainy Neon: Baku is a multiplayer Battle Royal game that takes place in Baku in the near future. The game takes place in 2121. At this time, online shows around the world broadcast live battles in neon-lit city streets, where cyborgs […]

Axilon: The Legend of Artifacts – Prologue

Posted Posted in Games Genre: Action-RPG Game engine: Unreal Engine 4 Platforms: PC Multiplayer: No Axilon: Legend of Artifacts – Prologue is an action game with RPG elements. The game is set in the world of Axilon, which consists of many kingdoms living in peace and harmony. However, the delicate balance of the world is targeted by the […]