Smoking Shells – Prototype

Smoking Shells is a twin stick (top down) shooter game in which a player controls a squad of mercenaries and performs various military missions.

In the game, we control a soldier who is part of a small squad. The squad follows the player; the player can switch with members of the squad. Each member of the squad has its own unique class. Each soldier has his own primary and secondary firearms for long, medium and close combat distance.

Advantages of the game:

  • A variety of locations. Military bases, destroyed cities, forest, desert, tundra, etc.
  • A variety of tasks. Capture of military bases, release of hostages, capture or destruction of enemy officers, sabotage operations, theft of secret data, alarms and other enemy events.
  • Increase the level of your character and choose his class. Before each mission, you can choose the class of a soldier – a medic, assault, engineer, sniper and heavy infantry. Each of which is distinguished by its set of weapons, skills and other features.
  • The presence of a cooperative multiplayer and survival mode. In addition to having a story company, a cooperative multiplayer mode is planned in which you can go through story missions with other players. In survival mode, the player must withstand several attacks of waves of enemy troops and stay alive.
  • Dynamic gameplay. The game has a dynamic pace. Soldiers move and shoot fast.
  • Interaction with vehicles and military equipment. The ability to use helicopters, tanks, cars, turrets.
  • Squad management. The ability to give orders to soldiers. They can aggressively attack, be in defense mode, or guard a specific location.
  • Call for support. Do you need help during the battle? Call fire support for fighters or drop infantry reinforcements.