Developing and outsourcing games

We develop games for PC and smartphones. We work in genres such as action, FPS, arcades, etc.
We are always ready to try
something new.

Experemental Technologies

We also work with AR (Augmented reality), VR (Virtual Reality), Facebook and Kinekt. They can be used for game and application development.

Mobile Applications

We create various programs and applications both on computers and on phones.

Creating 2d and 3d animations

We have experience in creating cartoons and animations for commercials or presentations

Testing games and applications

We test games and applications using different technologies and under different conditions on several platforms. We check for speed, vulnerabilities and other problems.

3D Environment art

Creating various 3d worlds and locations is one of our main specializations. They are used in games, applications and presentations.

Do you have an original idea but you are not confident in your abilities? Is your company running out of time to create a game by the deadline? The days when outsourcing was associated with great risks are gone. Nowadays, this is a common practice used by every developers even big ones.

So if you have any problems, then the answer to them is AzDimension. We will help you create your dream project. It doesn’t matter which platform you target – PC, consoles or mobile phones. With our knowledge of C ++ and C #, this will not be a major problem for us.

Why should you choose AzDimension?

1) We are not newbies – there are plenty cool games in our portfolio
2) We value deadlines and always deliver the polished project on time
3) If you are not sure about the final version of the ideas, we can always help you with advice
4) We have extensive experience outside of games – we have created several mobile applications, as well as architectural visualization
5) It’s profitable!

How do we work?

We use Unity and Unreal Engine that allows us to achieve the best possible result in the shortest possible time, while we guarantee flawless optimization on any platform. We participate in the full cycle of the entire project – from the concept to post-release support.

Leave all the monotonous work to us to free up your time for creativity.

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