August 8, 2013

The Last DeadEnd

The Last DeadEnd is a 3d action game with elements of survival horror. The game is expected to support first person and third person modes. The action of the game will take place in Icherisheher (old city) area of Baku, Azerbaijan. The main character of the game is a scientist studying ancient Zoroastrian book “Avesta”. He discovers that he is assigned to a mysterious mission to fight with evil forces. On his way to truth he consistently solves secrets of symbols and find artefacts hidden in the streets of the old city. Throughout the game main character encounters and opposes evil creatures whose prototypes were originally taken from ancient Azerbaijani legends and fairy tales. The weapon range in the game includes cold steel weapons and firearms, both ancient and modern. The game locations are based on real historical parts of Icherisheher such as Maiden Tower, Palace of the Shirvanshakhs, mosques, underground caves and even in legendary Sabayil Castle.

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