August 8, 2013

Under Occupation: Agdam

Under Occupation: Agdam – It’s Azerbaijani computer game from the developers of “Under Occupation: Shusha”. The genre is 3D FPS.

The game takes actions in two time dimensions – In the early 1990s during the defense of Agdam city and the near future when Azerbaijani army liberates it. Player plays some roles from ordinary soldier to commando.

In comparison to previous game, the quality of graphics is improved, the methods of lighting is also improved. Also added more elaborate and qualitative VFX. There is also a ability to use vehicle in a game such as modern tank T-90 and MRAP Marauder. In addition to this, there are weapons that are produced in Azerbaijan – Istiqlal and Zəfər. One of the general advantages of the game is that the city was recreated in geographic and cartographic accuracy in two times(early 90’s and its current state), as well as most of the building and symbols of the city.


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